Turbary Woods Owl and Bird Sanctuary

Turbary Woods

Lancashire has lots of birds of prey. Many get lost because they venture further afield. Some  look for food outside their usual habitat. Especially when hungry. The team at Turbary Woods are always on hand to deal with any rescues. Its a good job that they are.  There are more of these birds to be rescued than ever before.

The team at Turbary Woods give up their free time to help. Which is fortunate for  the sanctuary as it is totally run by volunteers. If you too are interested in becoming a volunteer then call in.  Have a chat with any body in the team as they can point you in the right direction. Many of the team have birds of their own.  Which means they have a real enthusiasm for birds.

2 Owls at Turbary Woods
Young owls sitting on handlers hand at Turbary Woods
Turbary Woods handler with owl
Roy at Turbary Woods demonstrating his handling skills

So why become a volunteer? Most of the volunteers have been on a day out and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Getting to hold an owl is purely magical because in normal life we really wouldn’t get that chance to get close.

There are many types of bird of prey at Turbary Woods. Expect to see different types of bird including owls, eagles, falcons, vultures. Everday there is a flying display but its wise to ring on the day as the flying displays are dependent on suitable days for the birds.

Make a day of It.

Turbary Woods is more than just a day out. Many customers approach our garden centre staff and praise the hard work that the volunteers do. Some are regular visitors and really enjoy the experience. Its no wonder we get positive comments because these birds are so mysterious and beautiful.

To find the owl and bird sanctuary just put PR4 4LB into your sat nav. When you get here park in our extra wide spaces. Look for the garden centre entrance. To avoid getting lost  follow the green signs.

There are lots of things to do on site. You can organise your day around the flying times. Its wise to check the flying times as this will avoid disappointment on the day. A good idea is to book a table in our relaxed restaurant. If you have kids then Check out our kids menu

If you would like to know more about birds of prey and Turbary Woods Owl and bird sanctuary then check out their website.

Cute owl at Turbary Woods
How can you resist those big eyes?