Gravel and stepping Stones


A lot of people are looking for more leisure time and for good reason too. Its always a good idea to have your garden looking nice but easy. Unless you are of those that have a gardener you will no doubt want it easy for your self. Making a gravel garden is sometimes fun but also hard work too.

Struggling to work out how much you might need? There is a guide on the signage to help you work out the coverage. Besides that our staff will help you on that subject. All you need is the dimensions of your given area. Plus if you are in need of physical assistance our staff will help you load your car.

Bags of gravel
Lots of choice of gravel many have got deals
Stepping stones in gravel

A sure way to enhance your gravel garden is to add some stylish stepping stones. Not will it only add to the look of the area but it could possibly make for a useful path to your garage or gate.

Some customers use stepping stones and gravel to get around one big problem. Poor drainage is a real pain which can be dealt with either by graveling and/or laying stepping stones.