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Garlick Garden Machinery

It was 2013. Chris Garlick  fully trained as a garden machinery engineer. All aspects of garden machinery were covered in his role. Experience was gained with top brands, including Honda, Hayter and Sthil which would mean good news for the customers. Only. They were not his customers. Chris felt the roaring urge to branch out on his own. A big deal for a 22 old. Mum and Dad  did the sums. The dream of Garlick Garden Machinery was possible.

Money was tight therefore it meant big risk to the whole family. A now or never situation because no other firm did the same in the area. So the  business was quickly set up and aptly called Garlick Garden Machinery.

Garlick Garden Machinery Preston
Chris Garlick outside his shop at Garlick Garden Machinery.
Garlick Garden Machinery
Chris Garlick, goes for it.

Over last 5 years

The Garlicks have built up a successful traditional family business. Mum Julie “Its based  on hard work and good old fashioned values.”  This year the family had good reason to celebrate. Achieving a customer base to just over 2000 happy customers. That  is proof  enough of a great reputation.

We can also tell you that they won supplier of the year last year and have been nominated again this year. So whats next for the business? Chris ” It’s all going to be electric in the future and I don’t mean long wires.”

Who would ever imagine using commercial garden machinery with batteries? The world is changing very quickly and businesses need to keep up with change otherwise they will lose out long term.

Garlick Garden Machinery is one of the few that embraces new technology  and the future looks good for them and their customers. Check out the latest technology in mowers.

To find them drive through the road past both car parks and you will see the signs. Or phone 01772 628031

What else do we supply?

Many customers like to look the part when out doing garden work and it is better to look professional. So The Garlicks had the family discussion and instantly brought in quality products for customers to try on. So electrically operated equipment and clothing is the way forward for the business. All the usual oils, blades and replacement parts as well as good old traditional customer service is to be  only expected when visiting Garlick Garden Machinery.

When you do decide to check them out for a new lawn mower why not make an afternoon of it and either call in the garden centre or Turbary Woods Owl and Bird Sanctuary

Work wear with good design
Stylish work wear for out door professionals in the garden industry supplied by Garlick Garden Machinery