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Bonsny Jewelry

For Pam, fashion jewelry is a passion that is infectious for many reasons. Years ago a chance meeting over the internet with a man in china called Hunter was to be the turning point. Bonsny Jewelry is in the business of being unique.

So why is Pam so passionate about Bonsny Jewelry? Pam” It’s the thousands of designs that we have. Hunter my business partner in the east just keeps producing them.”

Bonsny Jewelry
Designs by Bonsny Jewelry
Unique designed jewelry by Bonsny Jewlery

This year Pam decided to go to the far east to meet her business partner and at the same time take in some culture. So what did Pam learn about China? The cities are a lot more developed than she thought. ” The Chinese like top quality products and why not they work hard.”

China was a real eye opener for the owner of Bonsny Jewelry. Was it frightening? She had her daughter Becky as chaperone. Becky works on the coffee bar in the restaurant. Check out Pams website.

Looking for a personal gift for a female friend couldn’t be easier. There must be 2000 choices of bracelets, necklaces and bangles not to mention purses and other interesting items. To make your choice easier just ask your friend her favorite animal. Having  this information will help you choose a gift very quickly.

When you visit the garden centre be sure to peep in Pams shop and explore all those unique pieces of jewelry.

Bonsny Jewelry display
Personal jewelry gifts by Bonsny Jewelry